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One down
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    One down

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    Re:One down

    Maybe it's the SCO and they just took their server down... it's all a conspiracy

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    Re:One down

    Tuen me in and get the money. All of you ;D Run the fuckers dry !!

    I see that we have over 1000 members of which I would guess 250 still visit. 250 x .25 million = 62.5 Million dollars.

    get the money put it in an offshore account and voila. Just scammed SCO. I dont mind spending a few months in jail until its all sorted out. All for the cause. Besides, I have me some Linux powered tanks.

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    Re:One down

    I actually think we have better ways to resolve this then DDoS

    that is exactly what they are saying we use as methods of attacks, which they are calling terrorism, and they are claiming open source software is destroying our economy, but they should really look at the supportive companies and how much money they are making before they claim that. lets use brains and innovation, not hacks and denyal of service.

    just my $0.02

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    Re:One down

    still down... wow either I support my theory or they can't get their crap together

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    Re:One down

    they've adapted

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    Re:One down

    now time for someone to adapt their worm...

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    Re:One down

    Most likely it's not even a Linux user. Probably some Win user trying to start more shit between Linux and SCO. Either way, it was one hell of a worm! Updating itself, blocking security sites and scanners. That's some good stuff!

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    Re:One down

    yeah that or some SCO guy that wants to keep his job, so he tries to eliminate his employers competition.


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