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Thread: Problems Launching URLs from Evolution

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    Problems Launching URLs from Evolution

    I'm running Mandrake 9.2, using KDE 3.1, Evolution 1.4.4 and Mozilla 1.5. I'm finding that Evolution has a problem launching URLs if Mozilla is already open. I get a pop-up as seen here:

    If I click "Exit", nothing happens, no error and no web page. If I click "Start Mozilla", I get the following:

    When I click "OK" here, again, I fail to get to the web page I wanted. At present, if I am sent a URL and I wish to view it, I must either copy and paste the URL, or close Mozilla prior to clicking the link.

    This does not occur if Mozilla is not running. Anyone else had this, and know how to fix it? It's really quite annoying.

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    Re:Problems Launching URLs from Evolution

    The command used in the preffered applications is set to open a new mozilla. If one is already open, it will give you those errors. This is a problem I've had to deal with myself. Check the script that the gnome-default-applications-properties tries to run, and see if "-remote" flag is set. This will tell it to open in an already existing Mozilla.

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    Re:Problems Launching URLs from Evolution

    I (kind of) solved the issue by removing the downloaded version of Mozilla and installing the version from the installation disk. Takes me back to 1.4, but I like things to work properly.

    Fonts look pretty ordinary, though.

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