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Thread: Some wine fun

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    Some wine fun

    hello for giggles i was wanting to test out counterstrike in suse 9.0

    i have been trying to follow this guide last night but i cant get past the wine part

    it says to go here for the wine verison

    and says i have to use Wine20031212.

    i see wine-20031212-0.i586.rpm
    and wine-devel-20031212-0.i586.rpm
    i assume the last is for developmental purposes.

    when i go into Yast it says machine is i686 i believe, but when i go to do the auto update it says my base architecture is i386

    i believe i need to download the first

    (on a related topic i notice there is i586 and i386 whats the difference?)

    i have downloaded the first one, installed it with yast and when i type wine i still have 20030833 or something, the orginal verison of wine that came on cd i believe

    any pointers would be helpful


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    Re:Some wine fun

    i386, i486, i586, i686 will all perfectly run on any modern processor. The difference which processor it was compiled for. i386 was compiled for the old 386 machines, so any computer with a 386 or higher processor will run it. i686 was compiled for Athlons, P4s and will not run on an old 386 or 486 machine.

    Even the newest processors are called 386 architecture, because they inhereted the architecture from 386 processors, just added speed and funtionality to it.

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    Re:Some wine fun

    i got transgaming winex and that seems to install great. but when i try to install a game i get

    xlib: connection to "0:0" refused by server

    i have the nvidia2 go card (latest nvida drives from Jan) and i assume x lib has something to do with video? anyone?


    i just found this that i should type

    $ xhost +
    $ export DISPLAY=(your local host IP):0.0

    when i try to type xhost i get the same error

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    Re:Some wine fun

    I am working on this as I type.

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    Re:Some wine fun

    anyone 8)

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    Re:Some wine fun

    okay in a terminal what does rpm -qa | grep wine return? also what does env | grep DIS return?

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    Re:Some wine fun

    i got help on techimo pbharris, the problem was with me logging onto su then trying to install the games.

    so note to anyone. dont run su when installing games.

    linux noob signing off

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    Re:Some wine fun

    groovy - thanks for letting us know

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