hello for giggles i was wanting to test out counterstrike in suse 9.0

i have been trying to follow this guide last night but i cant get past the wine part


it says to go here for the wine verison


and says i have to use Wine20031212.

i see wine-20031212-0.i586.rpm
and wine-devel-20031212-0.i586.rpm
i assume the last is for developmental purposes.

when i go into Yast it says machine is i686 i believe, but when i go to do the auto update it says my base architecture is i386

i believe i need to download the first

(on a related topic i notice there is i586 and i386 whats the difference?)

i have downloaded the first one, installed it with yast and when i type wine i still have 20030833 or something, the orginal verison of wine that came on cd i believe

any pointers would be helpful