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Thread: Error installing packages under Fedora

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    Re:Error installing packages under Fedora

    [quote author=tenglern link=board=2;threadid=8550;start=0#msg78644 date=1076977938]
    I have received the same message with the Add/Remove Applications option in fedora. This error happens no matter what I am installing. Is there a way to fix the problem?

    I also used Fedora for a few days and did you try sypnatic? it is really awesome, it's a GUI tool:
    Synaptic GUI Frontend

    apt users have an optional GUI frontend called Synaptic.

    Fedora Core 1


    Red Hat Linux 9


    Red Hat Linux 8.0

    and also i never experienced the error and instead of

    rpm <stuff>

    i'd recommend using sypnatic or rpmi

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    Re:Error installing packages under Fedora

    yum from the command line is the best way to go and can be used as a replacement for both apt and up2date. You will have to edit the /etc/yum.conf file and add extra sites (repositorys) to the listing. Also you should replace the existing fedora sites with faster mirrors. If you are using it on a network behind a proxy, then the proxy settings need to be specified beforehand.... I can give further instructions if needed, or I could email my yum.conf file. Just say the word.

    Lets just say that all packages I have tried to install using yum have installed without a problem.

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