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Thread: Americas Army problem

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    Re:Americas Army problem

    you should it's a fun game the only thing that sucks is when you die you have to wait till the game is over :-[

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    Re:Americas Army problem

    Actually, I don't meet min requirements... :'(

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    Re:Americas Army problem

    that sucks :-\

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    Re:Americas Army problem

    [quote author=Ashcrow link=board=8;threadid=8537;start=0#msg77370 date=1074877599]
    This is offtopic but I know on Mac's and Windows spyware is installed with Americas Army. Beware

    Don't post false information, its not nice.

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    Re:Americas Army problem

    Jojo, you still having problems?

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    Re:Americas Army problem

    I havent had any problems since I last played, and that was almost two months ago using gentoo ;D i'm not sure if it well work in fedora core 2. I don't play that game anymore since I hate waiting to be brought back to life

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