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    in MS excel when you add amounts up you can just drag the columns to the bottom and click on the "sum" button which resembles the letter E and it will total it for you. in calc its pretty much the same program but the sum feature, although there doesnt actually add the numbers up. i was curious if there's a way to remedy this w/out using the formula. i dont see it anywhere in the options as well. TIA


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    I'm using OO.o 1.1.0.

    Between cell info box and the content info box just after menus area have three function signs. One is f(x) and another is what you want and yet another is = sign.

    If you do not have that bar ( it's called Formula bar ), you can enable it at View ---> Tools Bars --> Formula bar .

    The keyboard short cut is Alt+v, Alt+t and Alt+m.

    HTH ..

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