I recently installed Redhat 8. I'm running GNOME on my Dell Inspiron 7500 Laptop. I am having pretty good success with most of the hardware, except I can't get my serial port or USP port to function. This is important, as I need to be able to use my perfs., i.e. printer, palm pilot, cd burner, etc. I am a newbie, but I want to trash Windows completely in the near future. Go easy on me...

Also, after installing Linux on a secondary partition, I wasn't able to boot windows XP, so I ran the windows boot disk. THen, Windows installed its boot info on top of GRUB (I think)... so I have to use the LInux boot disk any time I want boot up LInux. I have Boot Magic 8.0 (I think) but I haven't been able to figure where the problem is or what I have to do to get a boot option screen that will recognize both OSs, either through Windows or through Linux... any Ideas?

Thanks ahead to anyone that can help!


John A