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Thread: Online LAN Party

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    I fixed it, it was the screen not being added, so yeah, I'm game (maybe not good, but I can try and be there)

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    try if you want to use debian

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    I'm in.

    I'd preference the weekends.

    Wouldn't this be more aptly titled a WAN party?

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    Karma++ for that suggestion.

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    I will have a very decent 3Mbit connection tommorrow before noon. I can host ET Friday night say starting at 10PM or so. Let me know.

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    I unistalled it awhile ago, and I doubt I'll be home at that time.

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    This weekend is not going to work for me. I have too much crap to do.

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