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Thread: Online LAN Party

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=8;threadid=8498;start=0#msg78334 date=1076467725]
    I don't have that game... ET is available for everyone - can't we play that?
    what is et?

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    Absolutely FREE for anyone who doesn't have it. One great game IMO.

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    I vote for NWN.

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    Yeah ET is a great game. Its free and fun. Can't get better than that.

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    If someone would like to host the NWN server, I can host the ET server since we might have quite a few on each.

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    can I get a mirror for the ET download, it's quite busy...

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    Here are the mirrors from the Gentoo ebuild - replace ${PV} with 2.56 and just wget${PV}${PV}${PV}

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    Those mirrors were too busy, so I went searching and found this:
    hope this helps

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    hmmm... stupid closed source nvidia, now I'm getting crap, anyone gotten openGL to work on slackware with an nvidia card? (i've done some googling, but no luck so far)

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    You did add the "glx" extention to the XF86Config right? Never tried it on Slack, but works great on RedHat and Debian. :P

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