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Thread: Online LAN Party

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    so it would be a WAN party, basicly, correct? (I dont generally play games so i wont play :/ I wish i could join you though.)

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    anyone want to play this weekend ??? ???

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    how about THIS weekend?
    Is much bandwith needed for ET. I got ADSL I *might* be able to host it.

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    It doesn't take that much bandwidth, but I'll be happy to host. If you want to host, let us know what upload/download you have so we can calculate how many clients can be connected.

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    I'm game...

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    If I can do it could prolly bring myself and another for NWN.. but if you're full that's okay too, because my band needs to record . (using 6 dollar software from office depot, the only way).

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    Right on! So what game are we up for this weekend?

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    Count me in

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    [quote author=Master Copy link=board=8;threadid=8498;start=0#msg78330 date=1076463532]
    Right on! So what game are we up for this weekend?
    I was under the impression that it was NWN...

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    Re:Online LAN Party

    I don't have that game... ET is available for everyone - can't we play that?

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