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Thread: AMaViS and Spamassassin

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    AMaViS and Spamassassin

    I am trying to set up Spamassassin and AMaViS with postfix and am having little luck. I've read just about every doc out there .... anyone have a working configuration they would be willing to share. I am setting it up on SuSE.

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    Re:AMaViS and Spamassassin

    Actually, the problem is that the email goes through the system (both amavis and spamassassin) and then gets put in a defererd folder (/var/spool/postfix/deferred) where it sits forever. Any clues?

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    Re:AMaViS and Spamassassin

    This article is what I used (the 486 mentioned in it is mine) and it's working really well. Hopefully, it might be of some use to you.

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