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Thread: Mozilla 1.6 Released

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    Mozilla 1.6 Released

    well, what are you waiting for?

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    Re:Mozilla 1.6 Released

    I must say this is the fastest browser i have ever used, the pages are rendered instantly.

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    Re:Mozilla 1.6 Released

    I think I screwed up somewhere. But I don't think it's too bad.
    I downloaded and installed Mozilla 1.6a.

    But when I open my browser with the "shortcut" on the toolbar at the bottom, it still opens the old Mozilla 1.2.1.

    Yet I know that I can access my Mozilla 1.6a from

    What do I need to do to get my shortcut to point to the new Mozilla?
    Did I install it into the wrong directory maybe?

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    Re:Mozilla 1.6 Released

    I think in RedHat you can right click on the desktop icon and go to properties to change the path, or if you use the toolbar stuff you should go to Control Center to change it, or you can simply delete the icon or tollbar shortcut and recreate it.

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    Re:Mozilla 1.6 Released

    thanks, I managed to change the properties now.

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    Re:Mozilla 1.6 Released

    What about firebird?

    I installed Mozilla 1.6 on my WinXP box and it's pretty sluggish at start up and browsing. It must be getting bloated.

    I tried Firebird and it's way, way faster. I've seen improvement from the last couple of versions. It's alot more solid now. I haven't used Mozilla since.

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