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Thread: Sleep and the human body

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    Sleep and the human body

    Ok, heres a question for all you peeps in college and psyche buffs. I normally sleep from about 10:30-11:00 at nite until about 4-4:30 in the morning. I drive an hour each way into and from work and then do whatever around the house until sack time. My wife is starting to get pissed at me because I fall asleep on her when we try to watch tv on the couch after the child process has been put down. I normally fall asleep within 5 minutes or less of getting in bed and often dont recall things that happen during the nite. I also snore like a freight train ( something I never used to do) and she has problems waking me during the nite.
    Another sign that has me a little nervous is that im starting to worry more about minor shit and im starting to see signs of depression also. Any ideas?

    10ded ???

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    Re:Sleep and the human body

    Too much stress? That's a crappy schedule and would put a strain on most people.

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    Re:Sleep and the human body

    Whats worse, is that ive been doing the like for over 10 years now. When i was in the navy, I used to sleep around 3-4 hours a day. We ran on a 18 hour day underway (submarine life) and I would "equalize" on the 3rd or 4th day and sleep maybe 8. Thats not counting any of the normal bullshit interruptions that occur. I dont really think my stress level has decreased after getting out and returning to civilian life, it merely a different form. I still work on subs and they still have to make deployments. I also drink 2-3 pots of coffee a day. I even drink about half a pot or more at nite, approx 7-8 PM.


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    Re:Sleep and the human body

    you need a better schedule and since you snor like a freight train, you might want to look at those stripes you put on the bridge of your nose.

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    Re:Sleep and the human body

    Those are all symptoms of sleep deprivation, but might be of something else also.

    Can you try to get more sleep?

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    Re:Sleep and the human body

    Im gonna try to take a nap after i get home from work in the afternoon. Im hoping that that will make some difference. I am gonna try it today. Will let you guys know something.


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    Re:Sleep and the human body

    try drinking less coffee!!!

    good god, it's like you are a herion addict and your roller coasting, your getting high and then crashing, getting high and crashing and getting high and crashing. Thats why as soon as your body stops ( sitting down and watching tv ) it goes right to sleep. there is nothing wrong with getting 4 hours of sleep a night but the coffee input is whats killing you !!

    I really think you need to lay off the caffine. When you get tired just deal with it.

    my 2 cents.

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    Re:Sleep and the human body

    I have no qualms admitting that im an addict. My main problem is that usually there is nothing else to do during the day. I will try to cut back on the caffeine intake as well and see if that helps. ( grumble grumble)


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    Re:Sleep and the human body

    Ew... doesn't sound like a happy schedule to me. :-\ Though when is life ever willing to give anyone a schedule we're content with?

    Naps are good, as long as you can find a length of time that doesn't make you groggy for the rest of the evening.

    Good luck cutting back on coffee. My dad had a caffiene addiction and the first week is the worst he said. If you can get through that you've got a good chance.

    Good luck all around!

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    Re:Sleep and the human body

    I usually try taking a small 15 minute nap during the day.

    If you feel your energy level running low, try some jumping jacks to get the blood flowing.

    Instead of coffee try, tea. once you get used to drinking tea(nice and warm like coffee) you can switch to decaffe.


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