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Thread: Windows Desktop/Shell Replacement

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    Windows Desktop/Shell Replacement

    hi again,

    I am building my small home network and one computer will be dual booting Mandrake 9.2 with windows 98 for my wife's university assiagnments and my win gaming -(although I am thinking twice now about 98 after MS stopped the support, any suggestions?)-

    My question is: what is your recommendation for a good envirnment to windows so it well be less windows,? I don't like the shareware or commercial ones. I was searching and found Litestep to be popular and free. Anyone used it? any alternatives?

    ps. I remeber long time aago there was a simple program called dashboard that was much better than explorer.

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    Re:Windows Desktop/Shell Replacement

    LiteStep, Object Desktop and WindowBlinds are the 3 I know of.

    LiteStep is the only true replacement and there are a lot of nice themes out there for it.

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