Alright, im doing IT for my dad's company, which is a startup company, that isnt even in production yet. so they pay like $90 a month for their 4-line phone system. they didnt get the alternative, hickory tech -- which has a great reputation in that area, because they are three times as much money.

So, they sign up for DSL aswell, and they said they would have to send somebody out today to set some stuff up, and then tell us that they dont need to, because they just activated our account from there and we can connect at any given time. Today comes, just found out this morning, that I could have hooked it up on January 1st. I couldnt get it to work, not knowing that i needed to have a "homerun" line as the guy called it.

I called tech support, waited on hold for a half hour, and then I get a internet support guy, who helped me solve the first problem. He said I didnt have the name on the bill, but i told him i was the tech guy for the company. he was like "oh, alright then.." and then helped me. He changed the password for me, because it was too high on the setup sheet, and was impossible to read because it was overtop some sentance. whatever. Then he explained to me that i need to find out where the homerun line was, i asked the general manager, and he said he didnt have a clue. light turned on in my head. I thought to myself "so thats what they "had to set up" but canceled" the guy said he would transfer me over to the guy that could help me. He did a three way conversation with me, explained the guy my situation, and the guy said that he could not help me, i was not the name on the bill. i ask who he needs to speak to. He couldnt tell me, I asked if i should call the owner of the company, and have him call the guy. the guy wouldnt do it -- he needed the person with the name on the bill to call to give the information. so, i have to go in tommorow, and pretend to be my father, so that I can find the location of a stupid line, if its hooked up. I just about lost it on the guy, but hung up the phone instead.

I almost felt like the BOFH, but he always seems to convince the company to do it. heh.

I hate qwest. damn bastards.