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Thread: Linux is growing

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    Linux is growing

    Don't have a link for that , I just read it from the Linux Format Magazine:
    1. Brasil goverment has become the latest to adopt a nationwide Linux/IT strategy. The goverment has begun rolling out a public Internet access campaign in San Paolo using Linux-based terminals
    2. Spanish Goverment has launched a program to put Linux on the desktops of 80,000 students, deal was struck with Novell.

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    Re:Linux is growing

    Yeah these have been in development for a while. What I don't understand is why don't these nations contribute something back to the community? I mean, they're getting an entire IT infrastructure for free. Had they gone with Microsoft, never in their wildest dreams could they have afforded it...Spain and Brazil are not regarded as wealthy by most Western nations.

    I really think the least they could do would be to spearhead some OSS initiatives.

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    Re:Linux is growing

    For a second there I read that as "Linus is Glowing" and thought... well that explains alot.

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    Re:Linux is growing

    [quote author=Tyr_7BE link=board=13;threadid=8436;start=0#msg76469 date=1073515364]
    What I don't understand is why don't these nations contribute something back to the community?
    Yeap, exactly.

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    Re:Linux is growing

    they are... the more users, that more potential for there to be contributors...

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    Re:Linux is growing

    um it is not just these countries that "leach" off open source. i would dare say a large number of open source user take more than give.

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    Re:Linux is growing

    I agree with Sarah. Also, let's be serious here. These countries don't have an IT/Comp Sci infrastructure that is as robust and well established as the US, Germany, UK, etc. So, to expect them to jump in at the beginning of their Linux adventure and contribute to the OSS initiative is a bit short-sighted. Sure, they could contribute some money (Spain will have to, since the deal is with Novell, who should then put some of those deployment dollars back into the community. I don't know much about Brazil's contributions, so I won't comment on that), but money isn't necessarily what the community really needs. The community, in my opinion, needs more users. The more users we have, the larger the base is of people who will be willing to contribute back to the community (either now or in the future).

    These emerging countries will contribute, either by direct involvement of the government or by the people who have been turned onto Linux by the initiatives of their governments. I think that we will see the more impoverished countries contributing more and more of their man power to the community effort. The more minds we have noodling the improvements that must be made to the kernel and it's supporting software the better off we will be as a community.

    Not to mention, while I have put money back into the community, the community was not established in order to get paid. It was an itch that needed to be scratched. If you contribute a PET to this site, you are contributing to the community. If you update a driver that was wonky, you contributed to the community. If you spread the word about the benefits of using Linux and other open-source projects, you've contributed to the community. By expanding the definition that we have of what it means to contribute, the less tension there will be within the community. Besides, isn't this stuff free, as in beer and speech?

    Just my 20 won.


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    Re:Linux is growing

    yeah what he said ^

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    Re:Linux is growing

    Remember just increasing the user pool is giving back - especially is remote regions, people tend to get involved in translation, documentation and local user groups.

    Seriously how many of us have done any real contributions, I know haven't coded much for open source fx.

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    Re:Linux is growing

    I agree with Lovechild on this one.

    The point in Linux itself isnt to make somebody rich, it was made as a hobby, and will continue to be a hobby.

    because it is the hobby of many programmers, and they dont have a company to impress, they write higher quality then if they were programmers for say, microsft, where they are constantly being added in and taken out. thats just my $0.03

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