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Thread: modem works intermintenly

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    modem works intermintenly

    I'm running suse 8.1 on a 850mhz p3 with a Best Data internal 56K V.92 ISA modem (56sf-92). The modem usually works fine, but sometimes if I've been on line, then hung up, the next time I try to dial in the modem doesn't respond. If I reboot it starts working again. Any suggestions?


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    Re:modem works intermintenly

    could this possibly be an overheating issue? (I doubt it)

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    Re:modem works intermintenly

    Well, if you use the kpp, try setting it to display more detail and log it. See what it states when you try to dial out when it fails.

    As for pppd, launch it from the CLI or view the logs. That should show you some info.

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