OK. I admit it. I am floundering in Linux. But that's what I like - there's SO much to learn!

I setup my homebuilt PC with SuSE 9.0 using the FTP boot ISO and accessing the mirror of a mirror I copied to my HDD on a windows box on the LAN. I thought everything went smoothly, but the box runs as slowly as a 486 running windoze XP!

I found plugger and found a number of items I believe are not installed (ie: No drivers.) I figured out how to do a screenshot and how to setup and use GIMP, and I ftp'd the .jpg to this location: http://home.comcast.net/pmarion/hardware.jpg

:-[ So, how do I install the drivers and or configure them? :-[ (The Radeon display adapter says it is installed but not configured, for example.)
Note: The Motherboard is an Intel SE440BX2.

Thanks in advance.