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Thread: Squid or Java error?

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    Squid or Java error?

    Hi, I have RH 9.0 box running Squid 2.5 and it has been working perfectly for a few months. I finally deployed it into all the other depts. and of course there is a problem. The AP dept uses Oracle for all their stuff. This oracle server is called and Since they are on our LAN they do not have a FQDN and since Squid cannot reverse lookup I have both of the servers in the exception list for IE as well as the hosts file. Here is the problem. Everyone can log into most parts of Oracle but a few Java apps keep freezing. <--- this one for example. I tried adding the port numbers into the exception list but that didn't work either. Has anyone had that same issue? If I need to explain further just let me know, I kow this is kinda long winded. Thanks.

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    Re:Squid or Java error?

    If you want to exclude squid from the exuasion the you can create acl that allows all>all, if you still have the error then it's probably not squid
    (or nypass squid completely)
    Also, do you have the same error if you address oracle box by IP address?

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    Re:Squid or Java error?

    If I take Squid out of IE it works fine but as soon as I put it back in I get errors. For whatever reason I can't access the Oracle box by IP, they set it up some weird way and they have no clue. ( Consultants ). If I put both racnodes in teh ACL will that do anything for me? For all I know it could be a IE problem. Any other ideas to try?

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    Re:Squid or Java error?

    I had some sites I had to access on port 422 and I had acplicitely allow it in squid config....considering the fact that you access squid on 8001, I think you should als explicitely alllow it, cause only 'Safe Ports' are allowed by default in squid......
    Another option would be to add 8001 to safe ports on squid config....Last time I worked with squid was 2 years ago so you might see different names in squid.conf.....

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