Well i'm back from the little meeting and it didn't go too well at first :-\ they were putting the blame on me because I didn't see the flashing light behind the truck > like WTF it's a F**kin overpass > > they never even gave me a good answer why he turned around in the middle of the f**kin road (he missed his turn) and hit the "dump" lever instead of drive (bot the manual (trans) and dump lever are beside each other) so after that speach I lost it everyone in the work place could hear me (including the customers lol). I threatend to sue them and of course they didn't beleve me I too out my cell (has speaker phone ) and call my uncle who is a lawyer was busy in a meeting couldn't come to the phone *damn* but they got the message I was serious and offered to pay 50% of the damages at first (again I bitched at them) and this time my uncle called back and had a shot discussion with the owner over the phone and instantly changed his mind to pay 100% of the damages ;D ;D (thank uncle keith ;D) and I just have to find a place to get it fixed(Teamwork Autosport) any pay the tow truck driver ;D I don't mind that part. Another good thing my insurance isn't going to go up since i'm not gonna deal with ICBC(insurance). I really hate dealing with East Indians most of them (the one here) are very hard to do deal with.

^Guess I need to work on my grammer some more and my spelling lol

Phew! I'd hate to see how you would be if it did mess it up.
I would be very upset ofcourse but if it was and I got my hands on him he would look very very diffrent