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    I am looking for a notebook between $800 and $1100 at the most

    I have played with some configurations, dell, hp, etc. How well do they work with linux? i can get a nice configuration on tigerdirect for a referbished hp laptop, and i understand a lot of people dislike HP. how will i know how well it will work with linux and whatnot? My other option is a dell inspiron 1100 with a celeron proc, but i would rather have a Athlon

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    My recommendation is to go with Dell. I've worked with most of their desktop models and some laptops (currently have a latitude c840) and I still have not found anything that won't work with Linux.

    I'd recommend googling for the model number + linux

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    Yeah, thats what im thinking..i just see celeron and think *eww*..but i have to remember, im not asking for a powerhouse laptop, im merely asking for something to help me on the road with homework/watching dvds/etc.

    (on the side note, i like your signature im using links to browse the boards and its the first time i have actually seen it)

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    my work ibm laptop works great.

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    If refurbished laptops are a consideration, then be sure to look over Computer Geeks website.

    You may find a pretty good deal.

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    You should check out this site.

    Redhat has a list of certified laptops that they support. Look it up.


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