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Thread: Today is a good day to be a Linux user

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    Today is a good day to be a Linux user

    We have the honour these days of witnessing first hand something amazing - Linux coming of age for the desktop.

    As we all know kernel 2.6 was released not so long ago, and it brought us one of the most important features in a while.. not the scheduler, not the block layer, not any of that really fancy stuff - no it brought us sysfs which is a way to interface with the kernel. This is important because it enables us to replace devfs with the userspace solution udev.
    This is return is important as it spawned a heap of new products, most interesting HAL which aims to get hardware working without effort. But HAL doesn't stop there, Robert M. Love is merging a kernel messaging layer in his tree based on netlink and soon we will have an elegant solution to mounting everything statelessly.. screenshots and more information.
    Some might have noticed that important little project called which aims at providing a standard for UNIX desktops, fd.o has granted us aside some minor details like menu template standards, HAL, startup-notification (so we can see when a program is loading fx.), mime data standards. gstreamer (streaming media framework) and lots of other useful things - fd.o has started under the guidance of Keith Packard a new X Server which will put us on par with Longhorn when it comes to eyecandy screenshot

    Need we mention that Linux is getting more and more vendor buy in , and more and more coporate sponsored developments. Novell, IBM, HP, and lots of other companies are betting huge amounts of money if not their future on Linux getting ready to take over.

    Yes, today is truly a good day to be a Linux user.

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    Re:Today is a good day to be a Linux user

    there was an editorial very much like that in the latest Linux Magazine...

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    Re:Today is a good day to be a Linux user

    Do I smell another interview LC?

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    Re:Today is a good day to be a Linux user

    Thanks LC - i did not know al that stuff.

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    Re:Today is a good day to be a Linux user

    [quote author=Master Copy link=board=13;threadid=8415;start=0#msg76360 date=1073312719]
    Do I smell another interview LC?

    I just did one actually, I interviewed Daniel Robbins for the Gentoo Weekly News.

    The Developer Interview one, posting two interviews of the same person at once - I offered to do some work for them and in usual Gentoo fasion they screw me over by sending another guy on the same job as well.

    Not that it's a very good interview, he was dodging my questions for weeks so I decided to send it into GWN in the uncompleted form you see there.

    I would like to do a follow up interview with RML at some point, it would be fun to see what he thinks of the final 2.6.0 and get a little insight on the whole kernel messaging layer thing - not to mention the wonderful stuff he will be able to do now that he's working for Ximian.

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