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Thread: word of advice...

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    word of advice...

    Dont let it stay silent for long, or your brain might compensate by creating music...and once that happens, it doesnt stop..then people ask you why your always distracted..they find out, and its too the sanitarium you go....

    so if its ever quiet, its not unhealthy to yell and scream and kick things around to create noise to keep yourself from hearing "the music"

    of couse, if people hear the second one, they will put you in the sanitarium aswell..

    what can i say? we'll all end up in there...

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    Re:word of advice...


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    Re:word of advice...

    You mean you're not already there?

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    Re:word of advice...

    Well, if you're not already there it's only because you are on the slow ride to the funny farm. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. The scenary is really nice this time of year. The truffles are okay. They won't bite. But...if they do, you need to call Superman. Or Mountainman. Which ever, doesn't really matter.

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    Re:word of advice...

    yeah..and the food is good, but the service is lousy.

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    Re:word of advice...

    *hums softly to herself and blinks* what?? Ooo! Truffles!

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