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    Forum Software

    I have been working on a computer repair website, and I was looking into forums to have. I have used them all at one point or another, and like them all -- thatis, i cannot decide. what do you guys think?

    again, the links are:

    also, please explain your answer.

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    Re:Forum Software

    YaBBSE is a bit better in my opinion compared to PHPBB. It's easy to use, lots of features, good themeing support. It's nice. I am totally unaware of the Invisionboard except it looks almost exactly like YaBBSE.

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    Re:Forum Software

    phpBB is my favorite and also the first I've worked with. I've setup 4 or 5 for other people, and I find the source to be much friendlier than Invision. Most people that I've helped with forum stuff want to use an invision board because the themes are shinier, but I believe that phpBB is the best.

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    Re:Forum Software

    I like YaBBSE and once was really fed up with phpBB and started to write a conversion script to move phpBB posts to YaBBSE, then phpBB2 came out and I was w0wed. I don't like the way it does templates though, i mean it's good for adding new themes, but it's bad for adding new features cause you gotta add to every theme (if the feature includes a user-interface side)

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