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Thread: To someone, anyone

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    To someone, anyone

    Hey guys, I don't care who answers this. I'm going to run Apache on Windows XP pro. Every time i search google for step by step instructions on how to set it up and configure it. They always give me instrcutions when it's being configured and set up with other programs. Could someone either help me set it up and configure it or give me step by step instructions?? Please reply back. Thanx guys.

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    Re:To someone, anyone

    Please do not use Member to Member as a support forum, we have sections for taking care of both Windows and Server issues - use them for this instead.

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    Re:To someone, anyone

    Good Morning Derek,

    Please try to locate your help requests under the correct forum, and name them something descriptive of the problem.

    For help on installing Apache under Windows, I'd go to the Apache website.

    I just went there, and found a step by step instruction manual.

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    Re:To someone, anyone

    Good morning trickster, I have a question for u. What should i put in for the Network Domain and Server Name??

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    Re:To someone, anyone

    Network domain should be your DNS server.

    Now, this depends on what kind of setup you are doing. . A DNS server is a server that tells others how to reach your computer.
    If you are doing this on your own local area network, then you can usually leave it blank. However, No one from the outside world will be able to access your web pages, unless they type in your IP address.
    If you want the outside world to see your server, you need a real DNS server to keep such information as your IP address. Perhaps something like

    Server name should be the name that the DNS server is using to associate your computer with your IP address.

    Basically, it works like a phone book:

    So that people don't have to know your ip address to access your server, DNS keeps a record matching your name and your IP address:

    For Example,

    Derekscomputer ------->


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    Re:To someone, anyone

    For both of those names i put in localhost. When i try to access http://localhost/ from both of my browsers i can't get to the localhost page. Does that localhost page work for u??

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    Re:To someone, anyone

    Localhost mean your own computer. NO ONE but yourself can access localhost.

    (If I were to access localhost on my computer, it'd be my own computer, and if Joe Smith were to access localhost on his computer, it'd be his own computer.

    Why are you putting in localhost on those 2 fields?

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    Re:To someone, anyone

    Here is another tutorial.

    When you say you can't access it, what do you mean? Do you get an error?

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    Re:To someone, anyone

    Ok i put in localhost for 2 fields because i don't have a Network Domain and a Server name. This is what i get when i tpe localhost in for IE.

    When i type localhost in wiith Mozilla. This is what i get. The connection was refused when attempting to contact localhost.

    Is a Domain Name and Server Name free?? Because i have no way to pay for it.

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    Re:To someone, anyone

    Some are. However, it seems something is misconfigured, because you should not get that error. You should see the Apache default page.

    I'd suggest removing the software and reinstalling again.


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