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Thread: IP address??

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    Re:IP address??

    The post that Whiz made shows your IP.

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    Re:IP address??

    The person who was helping me yesterday setting up Apache on a different forum. He even tried that IP address in his browser and it didn't work for him either. We r working on block ports with Whiz in PM right now. I did that cmd and ipconfig and it showed the same IP but it's not working.

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    Re:IP address??

    You have to have someone else look at the IP. You cannot put your own IP in, and have it work.

    EDIT: Unless it's a private IP

    *MC ducks

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    Re:IP address??

    Is it working for any of u guys??

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    Re:IP address??

    Port 80 is blocked.

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    Re:IP address??

    No it doesn't work. I didn't reald the whole thread but could using a proxy work??

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    Re:IP address??

    I changed the Listen to port 8080 and i had someone on my AIM list to check it with my IP and he says it doesn't work.

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    Re:IP address??

    Is that your current IP? On dial up, every time you dial in, you get a diferent IP.

    to change the port for apache:
    look in your httpd.conf
    change Port 80 to something like Port 8080
    also, you may need to change Listen to Listen

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    Re:IP address??

    I did all that and someone else checked for me when it's on 8080 and it still doesn't work.

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