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Thread: Web/Email Server on Cable

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    Web/Email Server on Cable

    I was wondering if there is anyone else on the board running a web server/email server on their residential cable modem. I've been thinking about doing it but wanted to know if anyone has felt any hard slaps for doing so.

    Nothing to big, just a small news/security site.

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    Re:Web/Email Server on Cable

    I used to run coltrane (web server) on my cable connection, time warner never threw a hussy over it. Even did some streaming of MP3s....which brought my network to a crawl, but thats another other.

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    Re:Web/Email Server on Cable

    Providers are starting to block inbound/outbound port 25. Cox (my provider) does it, so when I moved from NY to VA, I lost mail ability. And for web, I just used dyndns to redirect to an unknown port and use ipcop to forward back to port 80 on my internal box.

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    Re:Web/Email Server on Cable

    I started out with @Home, then ATTBI and now Comcast. They never give me any problem or block any ports. But then again I never host any big sites on my home box anyway.

    The only problem I've come lately is forcefully changing IP assignments. At least with ATTBI, it never change if I don't shut down my box but with Comcast, they seems to force it by reconfiguring the whole network segments, then if people call in, tell them to reboot their router box. So if I have old IP, it would hardly work, and if I re-boot it, it would immediately work. :

    But to answer your question, yes, I have web, mail and a bunch of other services running off of my Cable connection.

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    Re:Web/Email Server on Cable

    ATTBI now Mediacom here really threw a fit! Forget them anyways. They blocked ports anyways. Switched to DSL, but b4 I did I asked about this issue, and their reply, and I quote "We don't care what you do with your connection as long as you don't sell your service." :

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    Re:Web/Email Server on Cable

    I am running web & mail under DSL (web is running on a non-standard port, it's more for personal use and file sharing). The mail works fine, and my provider (SBC) keeps 25 open. Only problem is that people will try and send mail from your server, only allow access from

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