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Thread: X On IBook

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    X On IBook

    Ive installed Debian on my ibook and everything is working fine but i cant get X working on it, especially since it has that new radeon 9200 mobility. anyone know how to get it workin

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    Re:X On IBook

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    Re:X On IBook

    its 4.3 experimental, and the kernel is debians stock 2.4.23

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    Re:X On IBook

    What error message are you getting?

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    Re:X On IBook

    i type startx and it puts me into twm by default. i can read the text fine its not scrambled or stretched but i get flickering lines all over the screen, and when i hit quit twm, the whole screen goes berserk and looks like its melting as white and blue slowly drop all over it and it doesnt exit so i gotta reboot

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    Re:X On IBook

    i dunno if all that emerge stuff works on debian

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    Re:X On IBook

    No it doesn't, but apt-get does. Just use apt-get instead. The point is not to "emerge" a package...rather, it's to "install" a package. Find out how debian packages that software and install it.

    Have you checked to make sure the basics are all good? Have you run xf86config? Anything funky in /var/log/XFree86.0.log (filename is probably different...I don't have a linux box available right now).

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    Re:X On IBook

    im not a very good tinkerer, ive been trying to use a new kernel via benh's kernel but even when i compile that with someones .config it still fux0rz up, linux really really really doesnt want me ever to compile a functional kernel and i mean ever. heh, i dont think id be having such a hard time if my ibook was actually well supported like the earlier g3's were.

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    Re:X On IBook

    What driver are you using? If it's using the radeon driver and going all to feck then use the vesa driver instead. It may be using the vesa driver anyway, but just to be sure...

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