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Thread: FreeBSD Live CD

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    FreeBSD Live CD

    Has anyone tried the Freebsd Live CD? It looks interesting but still in beta form.

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    Re:FreeBSD Live CD

    It work quite well if you ask me. Takes awhile, but worth every second since you build your own custom CD.

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    Re:FreeBSD Live CD

    On a more frivolous note, I like the theming for XFCE4 in the latest version.

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    Re:FreeBSD Live CD

    I downloaded the torrent the day it released. but um...well, it only had kde. i want fluxbox.

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    Re:FreeBSD Live CD

    I recently downloaded and burned the ISO and everything seem to go fine. Once done, I restarted my computer with the cd in the drive and after it found the boot directory nothing seem to happen except for the cd drive light kept blinking as if it's reading the disc but it never did startup Freebsd.

    Any ideas what could be wrong?

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    Re:FreeBSD Live CD

    I'm not sure about the ISO from the site, but in the FreeBSD ports, you are installing scripts to "make" your bootable CD.

    Did you check the CD to see what was there?

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    Re:FreeBSD Live CD

    I got the iso from site!

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    Re:FreeBSD Live CD

    [quote author=Saptech link=board=10;threadid=8386;start=0#msg83363 date=1084843970]
    I got the iso from site!


    I had some problems booting on certain computers as well. Unfortunately, I was not motivated enough to find a solution. You could try asking at Those guys are pretty sharp on BSD related matters.

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