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Thread: Email catcher and store

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    Email catcher and store

    Sounds stupid I know but I don't know how to put it in a few words. I need to build a system that will act kind of like a proxy on the way in. All email that comes in to our server must first be grabbed and stored on another server. We will then back up each day and start over so we have all email that was sent to our server for each day. In other words, My boss wants to have everyones email so they can go back and look through it if needbe. Any suggestions? Hardware and software? Thanks.

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    Re:Email catcher and store

    Why not just use an IMAP server, where the users just leave the mail out there, and they can just make an "Archive" Imap folder (that stays on the server still) and move the older mail from their inbox to there? Then just nightly backup the mail server. I'm not sure why the involvement of a whole other machine. Seems wasteful.

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